Our Team


We are a group of enthusiasts of diverse ethnic and social backgrounds. We come from all walks of life. Among us are IT professionals, psychologists, journalists, business-analysts, marketing managers, lecturers, accountants, photographers and business owners. As ordinary as it gets!

Kristina Kolupaeva, President

Field of Expertise: A journalist by profession. Upon arriving to Australia, involved in community work.

For me, “Little Cloud Foundation” is a proof that, regardless of the times we live in, people are eager to unite in pursuing honourable aspirations and strive to discover the best personal qualities in the depths of their soul. Each one of us has an intrinsic urge to care for people close to them. The establishment of the charity foundation was triggered by a bold but understandable idea- to help orphaned children, and with the trust of those involved, this initial spark grew into a real flame. It is in our hands, how many lives will be touched by the Little Cloud Foundation.

Kristian Rotaru, Vice President

Field of Expertise: I undertake research in the sphere of business-analytics, management accounting and financial economics, as well as lecturing at university.

For me, “Little Cloud Foundation” is a very positive illustration of people’s readiness to help others through different means available to them. I am genuinely impressed by the variety of creative ideas contributed by those who organise and participate in the Foundation’s charity events- the readiness of these people to contribute their time, resources and skills with the aim of improving the lives of children who happen to be in a truly difficult situation.

Anna Shersheneva, Treasurer

Field of Expertise: I am a professional accountant with an ACCA (Association of Certified Charted Accountants) accreditation. For many years, I have worked as an auditor in large consulting organisations. Since 2011, I have transferred from consulting to the industry field and am currently involved in budgeting, forecasting and management accounting.

For me, “Little Cloud Foundation” began with photographs of abandoned children, which Kristina uploaded to Facebook accompanying her call for help. My heart sank in response and remains in that state to the day. How much do I wish for all children in this world to be happy! And it is so painful to realise that this is not so, and that there are so many orphans, and so much grief in children’s lives.

Anastasiya Suetin, Secretary and Content Manager

Field of Expertise: Clinical Child Psychologist. After completing PhD at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, I have worked in hospital, community mental health, school and private settings.

For me, “Little Cloud Foundation” corresponds to a deep-rooted dream of finding a tangible way to support disadvantaged children.

Alina Primak, Event Coordinator

Field of Expertise: A marketing manager, primarily specialising in the establishment of professional organisations from scratch.

For me, “Little Cloud Foundation” is a ‘life not wasted’, because the life gains a deep sense of meaning when you help others and share kindness, as everyone deserves to know, what it is like to be happy.

Kirill Zlobine, Sponsorship Manager

Field of Expertise: I work in the area of international trade relations.

For me, “Little Cloud Foundation” started spontaneously. My wife became passionate about the idea of organising a foundation for orphaned children and I could not miss the opportunity to support her in this initiative.

Liudmila Arnautova, Sydney Branch Manager

Field of Expertise: Kids and Family photographer; administrator at the “Malishok” Facebook group created to support Russian Speaking mothers and Mothers-to be in Australia; Full time mother of two.

For me, Little Cloud Foundation is the opportunity to make the world a little better. I strongly believe that if you have time and resources, you can help and it doesn’t really matter whether your contribution is big or small. Little Cloud gives me this opportunity and I am very happy that we can make sick or abandoned children healthier and happier.

Olga Lunkova, Perth Branch Manager

Field of Expertise: I have a degree in technology- communication engineering and work as a high duty water/wastewater/drainage scheduler /planner at the water corporation, Perth region.I first became involved in charity work back in Moscow.

For me, the Little Cloud Foundation is a way to continue the much-loved charity work here in Australia. I believe that a person can be happy only when they are able to make others happy, especially when we are talking about children. Children are tender and delicate creations, angels and God’s gifts, and we should do everything to make them healthy and happy!

Anna Feoktistova , Volunteer Coordinator

Anastasia Korchevaya, Assistant to the Volunteer Coordinator

Field of Expertise: I have initially completed a university degree in linguistics, specializing in Chinese-English translation. I then travelled to Australia where I obtained a Diploma of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Commerce, International Business & Marketing. While studying, I worked as a manager at an Italian Clothing boutique. I also have work experience in small business administration, marketing, strategic development, website content writing and work with clients. At present, I am a stay-home mum with a beautiful 1 year old baby daughter.

For me, the Little Cloud Foundation is part of my dream to have a big family and to be involved in charity work. I am extremely happy for this opportunity to help children.

Luba Cowall, Event Coordinator at Victorian Parishes

Field of Expertise: Worked in administrative and managerial positions within the university and private sector. Although retired, I have now been working as Head Sister at the Holy Protection Cathedral in East Brunswick, fundraising and helping the needy.

For me,  the little Cloud Foundation will give me an opportunity to help the less fortunate children as well as the sick.