Our Story


The idea of this foundation was sparked by one person’s inability to walk past someone else’s pain. One of the people at the helm of the foundation, Kristina Kolupaeva, came across a special hospital for ill children without families, when she traveled to Vladivostok, Russia.

  • In Russia alone, there are approximately 650,000 registered orphans.
  • There are also 12,000 child deaths per year linked to delays in medical care.

The majority of orphaned children and adolescents residing in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) live in institutions that are, in most cases, severely under-resourced. These children are generally deprived of experiences and opportunities that most kids take for granted. What is more important, they are critically deprived of human love and care.

The rate of suicide, homelessness, prostitution and crime among former orphans in Russia is shocking. What is particularly heartbreaking is that many children in those orphanages are technically not orphans, they are called “otkazniki” – the rejected ones. Many of them are ill or disabled. They were abandoned at birth by their parents and taken to state-run hospitals, birth centers and orphanages that often struggle to meet even the basic needs of children.
When Kristina came back to Australia, she decided to make a feasible contribution towards improving the lives of abandoned, orphaned and sick children. This initiative gave rise to the Little Cloud Foundation – an Australia-wide registered charity, where people unite in a shared dream to give love and hope for little hearts.