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Regional Children’s Hospital №2, Vladivostok, Russia

Update: August 2016- The renovation of the 8th residential ward completed!
Last week we have received some great news from the №2 Regional Children’s Hospital in Vladivostok. With your support and generous donations, the renovation of the 8th residential ward has just been completed! A member of our committee, Kirill Zlobin, has visited this facility in early August this year and was impressed by the work that has been done to improve the living conditions of abandoned toddlers and little orphans who reside there. We have received a beautiful Thank You letter and a video-message from the Hospital’s Chief Doctor Inna Zelenkova which you can view on our Facebook site. What a great achievement!
There are just 2 wards left to renovate, each costing A$4,000. Let us take this project to the end, providing a safe and cozy living environment for the remaining children.
Update 25.03.2016

Five residential wards have now been fully renovated, which means that 25 children can thrive in a healthy environment and have access to the required facilities. Only three wards left to complete! Please help us to make the living conditions for the rest of the orphans, residing at the Children’s Regional Hospital №2, safe and cosy. At the cost of AUD $4,000 per ward, we are aiming to raise AUD $12,000 to complete this project. Please help by clicking on the “Donate” button.

Newly Refurbished Ward

Newly Refurbished Ward

About the project

The Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 2 of the Primorye region is a specialist Public Health Facility that provides medical and social support to disadvantaged children aged 1 month to 4 years who are left without parental care or abandoned by HIV-infected mothers. At present, the nursing department is housing 65 children aged 1 month to four years. Twenty four children were born to HIV-infected mothers and 7 children are profoundly disabled. A proportion of children are admitted into this facility from the perinatal pathology department after being rejected by their mothers soon after birth. Others are referred through the child protection services. Their parents have been denied custody in view of serious concerns for the child’s health and safety. In other words, these children are removed from highly dysfunctional families where they are constantly exposed or subjected to violence and/or neglect that poses a risk to their safety. There are also infants who have been abandoned by highly vulnerable mothers and left to die in the streets.

The residential wards, housing 65 abandoned toddlers, have not been repaired for decades and are in a dilapidated condition. As a result, children, some of whom suffer from serious illnesses, do not have sufficient access to many basic facilities. There is an urgent need to renovate 8 residential wards.

Hospital No2

Amount required: AUD $32,000 ($4,000 per ward).

Our goal: To raise money for the renovation of residential wards thereby improving living conditions of disadvantaged children.