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Liza Bryukhanova- Urgent Help Required!

Update: 03 August 2016- We have concluded the fundraising campaign for Liza.

The Little Cloud Foundation has received A$5,754 in donations for Liza. To round this up, we have attributed some of the funds, raised at the Russian Tea Party event towards this cause. Overall, we have a sum of A$7,500 which will be transferred to the hospital as soon as the parents have the rest of the funds required to make a deposit for the surgery. We will keep you informed about how things progress. Meanwhile, we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved and hope that Liza receives timely access to treatment and defeats the debilitating illness. Here is a photo with a message to everyone from this amazing girl. Get well Liza!


About this project

We are currently raising funds to save an 11-year old girl, Liza Bryukhanova, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour.
Liza is an energetic, intelligent and lively girl. She is one of the top students in her school with a focus on learning foreign languages. Liza is a beautiful and creative child, a former contestant at the regional children’s pageant, who is also an aspiring singer hoping to participate in The Voice competition one day.
She has been battling brain tumour for the past two years. The illness caught Liza and her parents completely by surprise. An otherwise very happy and healthy girl had a sudden seizure right at the dinner table while celebrating her grandmother’s birthday. Luckily, Liza’s grandmother is a doctor herself, so she quickly recognised the seizure as an epileptic episode. Since that day the seizures have become increasingly frequent, up to twice a day, several times a week.
Liza was no longer able to attend school or any of her many extracurricular activities. The hospital became her second home. Most of 2014 the doctors were looking for the best treatment for Liza. Unfortunately, none of the usual medications worked. After a year of unsuccessful treatments and a worsening health condition, Liza was sent for a brain scan (MRI). As a result of the scan, a brain tumour was discovered, and an urgent surgery recommended. Liza has now completed the hormone therapy and is currently awaiting the surgery. She is being administered large dozes of anti-seizure medication, which make her sleep for up to 20 hours a day. The girl wakes up to eat before going back to sleep again. Her eyesight has weakened and she is losing her coordination. Liza’s condition is progressively deteriorating as she awaits the surgery.


How you can help

An urgent brain surgery is the only hope for Liza’s recovery. There is an option to be treated at the Freiburg University Hospital in Germany. The cost of the operation is €96,832, of which €19,500 has been raised to date. Liza will only be placed on the waiting list for surgery once the required funds are raised.

How to transfer money

To help Liza, please forward your donations to the Little Cloud Foundation’s official account:


Account name: Little Cloud Foundation Inc

BSB: 033017 Account No.: 284143

Reference “For Liza”

Thank you for your contribution! Liza and her family will be very grateful to be one step closer to realising their dream.