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Anna Talalaeva- A little girl's dream to walk

About this Project

Little Anya is 6 years old. Her mother, Ekaterina, has a dream of seeing her beautiful daughter walk. Anya is very hard working and is trying extremely hard to walk but, at this stage, her progress is very slow and Anya requires ongoing therapy to ensure that she does not regress.
Anya was born preterm (32 weeks of gestation). Soon after birth, she suffered from Meningitis, and, at the age of 2, Anya was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy- spastic diplegia. Anya’s cognitive development is intact. She has good language skills and is learning to read and write, but independent mobility is a struggle for her. Anya is very keen to become more independent so that she can be just like the other children. Ekaterina, who is a single mother, also wishes to provide all the necessary means for Anya to reach her potential and to enjoy a fulfilling life.
The family has asked the Little Cloud Foundation to fund a course of rehabilitation at the International Clinic of Rehabilitation in Truskavets. The cost of this program is AUD 447.00. We are delighted to announce that the requested amount has been transferred by the Little Cloud Foundation to the Clinic’s account. It is our pleasure to support little Anya and Ekaterina on the journey towards realising their dream.