Welcome to the Little Cloud Foundation volunteer site! We are a group of enthusiasts of diverse ethnic, social and religious backgrounds, united by the commitment to make real, ongoing changes in the lives of disadvantaged children. This can only be done, if there are like-minded people willing to contribute their time and open their hearts to this cause. By becoming a volunteer or a donor for the Little Cloud Foundation, you are becoming a part of something very special- a beautiful dream being transformed into reality. Nothing we do would be possible without the help of people who care!

Toy sale

Volunteer your skills!

What can I do to help? Volunteering in the Little Cloud Foundation takes many different forms as we try to match people’s skills, qualifications and interests with the roles where they would be able to contribute most.

Do you enjoy cooking and baking? Little Cloud Foundation holds regular cake stalls, sausage sizzles and other events where people with cooking skills would be greatly valued!

Do you have a skill for painting or making handmade goods/ crafts? Your donations of handmade items and paintings would be very much appreciated as we run market stalls, online sales and auctions to raise funds for children in need.

Do you enjoy writing? There is always a need for writers and editors who can contribute to the webpage content and get involved in preparing the text for marketing the upcoming events.

Do you perform? Do you dance, sing, play an instrument or act? Organising a charity concert or performing as part of an event is a wonderful way to help out with the fundraising.

Do you have any special skills or talents? Why not share your skills with others by being involved in a series of charity master classes that we are planning to run?

What else can I do?

  • Get involved with the running of market stalls/ garage sales
  • Help us sell tickets to the upcoming events
  • Help us with collecting goods from people making donations
  • Display and distribute the information about our organisation and the upcoming events
  • Help us decorate the venues for the events or donate decorative items such as flowers and candles
  • Do you know any people in Australia, Russia or CSI who can help us out by providing their services, sponsorship or guidance on a particular matter? Get them involved!
  • Organise a place for a gold-coin donation box
  • Donate new and well-preserved second hand goods

 Any other ideas? You offer! We are open to hearing and discussing your suggestions on what else can be done to help disadvantaged children and to raise awareness of the Little Cloud Foundation in the community.

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If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us on info@littlecloudcharity.org