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Sergey Shischuk

Update 01 December 2015: The fundraising goal for Sergey’s medical assessment and rehabilitation has been achieved!

Now that almost all organisational challenges have been resolved, we can’t wait to announce our great news! Fundraising for Sergey’s assessment and rehabilitation trip has now been completed and the medical team at Betesda clinic in Budapest are looking forward to Sergey’s arrival in the week commencing the 9th November. The boy will soon undergo his examinations followed by a four week course of rehabilitation. The full account for these services amounted to 7,597.17 euro (AUD 12,700 including bank fees and currency conversions). With your help we raised a slightly larger amount of AUD 12,847.80. So, the balance left after paying the Betesda clinic will be directed towards further renovations at the hospital #2 in Vladivostok. We would like to thank each and every one of you, who assisted with this campaign! We did it again! We will now transfer the funds to the Hungarian hospital and keep our fingers crossed for Sergey.


About the project

The Little Cloud Foundation has now commenced fundraising for the treatment of Sergey Shischuk from Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. Sergey has just turned 7 years last week. The boy is currently fighting for his life and the total amount to raise is very much within our reach, so let’s put our best efforts together to offer a helping hand to this little fighter! The Foundation’s member, Anya Ostapenko, shared this story with us, as she has been helping this family for a long time. Sergey is a very sick boy, who has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, hydrocephaly, microcephaly and blindness. The local medical community have given up on him and suggested to Sergey’s mother to put him in an orphanage, predicting that he is “going to die anyway”. However, Sergey’s medical conditions are not considered as terminal by medical experts from other countries and there are treatment options that can make a big difference to Sergey’s health and well-being.
Unfortunately, Sergey has recently taken a turn for the worse, due to the lack of medical support in his home town. Now it really is a question of life or death for him, as the treatment is beyond his family’s means. Our first priority is to identify the most suitable treatment for the boy’s epilepsy. At this point in time, his seizures have gotten so severe that the brain cells are dying and his development and overall health are rapidly deteriorating. Sergey has lost a lot of weight and is becoming malnourished due to severe vomiting following the seizure episodes. Once his epileptic seizures are under control, Sergey’s family will be able to focus on cerebral palsy rehabilitation and his general development.
One of the clinics in Germany is prepared to undertake Sergey’s assessment and diagnosis in order to prescribe the best treatment. The preliminary quote they provided amounts to 9,000 euro (or USD $10,200), some of which has already been raised with a balance of USD $7,500. Let’s help raise the balance of the required amount and send the little boy to Germany, giving him a chance to live a longer and a much more fulfilling life! Thank you in advance for your kindness!!!
All paperwork including the diagnoses, treatments to date as well as the hospital quotes are either attached, or can be provided on request. For those reading in Russian, here is a link to Sergey’s support group in VK social network:

You can help by donating to the Little Cloud Foundation via bank transfer (account details provided below), or by sharing this information in social media and via word of mouth. Account name: Little Cloud Foundation Inc BSB: 033017 Account No.: 284143.