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Urgent Fundraiser for the Treatment of Serafim Aksenov

Project Update 10.10.2017

Great news! With your amazing support we were able to reach the fundraising goal in the very short amount of time. Our very special thank you goes to a generous family who has sponsored this cause. We wish little Serafim successful treatment and recovery!

About this project

We are announcing an urgent fundraiser for the treatment of 1-year old Serafim Aksenov from Moscow Region, Russia. Serafim is suffering from facial nerve palsy and is expecting treatment at the Military Hospital in Dalian, China, which is to commence on the 8th of October 2017. The overall cost of the treatment, including travel to China, costs $5,720 USD. The family is required to make a deposit of $2,800 USD ($3,500 AUD) before the 8th of October.

This is Serafim’s story shared by his mother:

“Serafim is a long-awaited child. The wonderful news of pregnancy came after 10 years of anticipation and prayers. The pregnancy was normal but birth was preterm. Serafim was born at 36 weeks of gestation.  Then came the worst morning in my life, when the neonatologist announced a list of diagnoses: facial nerve palsy, patent foramen ovale (heart defect) and heart murmurs.  Since then, our life has become a battle. Serafim receives regular cardiology assessments to monitor his heart, yet the key problem, at this stage, is the facial nerve palsy. Until Serafim’s first birthday, this manifested as a drooping of the mouth requiring on-going treatment. After Serafim turned one, the condition has spread to his eye and his right leg. Further clinical assessments have identified that the paresis is now affecting the entire right side of the body.  Subsequently, the doctors have recommended treatment at a speciality clinic in China.”

We are aiming to raise $3,500 AUD by the 4th of October (to allow several days for the transaction). You can help Serafim by transferring your donation to the Little Cloud Foundation account with the reference “Serafim”.