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Rehabilitation for Sasha Uzunov

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Sasha Uzunov
Sasha Uzunov is a 5 year old boy from a large family. Following a traumatic birth, he was diagnosed with intraventricular haemorrhage, a broken collarbone and epilepsy. The doctors in Odessa (Ukraine) warned parents that Sasha will remain in a vegetative state and suggested switching off the life support after he stayed unresponsive for 14 days. The family has firmly refused this offer, and observed Sasha take his first independent breaths on day 21. The joy of seeing Sasha alive was nevertheless dimmed by the endless medical procedures, hospital stays, injections and frequent epileptic seizures.
Following ongoing intervention, Sasha has made considerable gains. He can now crawl, stand without support, say several single words and chew solid food. Yet, he remains far behind his peers in all areas of development. A rehabilitation clinic in Poland specialises in helping children like Sasha develop the essential skills and involves the input from a multidisciplinary team of child health professionals. Unfortunately, Sasha’s family, who care for 5 children, are unable to cover the costs of this treatment program. Together, we can make a big difference in the life of Sasha. The required amount is $2,550 AUD (7,190 PLN or 1,700 euro).