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Nazar Kabarovskiy

Update 04 August 2015: The fundraising goal for Nazar’s rehabilitation has been achieved! We thank everyone who contributed to this amazing cause! Little Nazar is off to his new round of treatment. Let’s wish him and his family all the best and hope for a positive outcome for Nazar!

About this project

At nearly 7 years of age, Nazar has proven times and times again that miracles happen. Little Nazar was born premature at 32 weeks of gestation. There was a rhesus conflict with his mother’s blood type, which wasn’t addressed during pregnancy (it is not as routinely addressed with an injection in Ukraine as it is elsewhere). He was born weighting only 1,580 kg. As Nazar’ lungs were underdeveloped, he has not taken his first breath as expected and subsequently suffered brain damage. The little brave boy started the fight for his life. At 10 weeks of age, Nazar developed sepsis-a life threatening medical complication. Nazar had an urgent surgery and, 1.5 months later, discharged from intensive care against all doctors’ expectations. They said it was a pure miracle that such a tiny baby survived sepsis at such a young age!
This time Nazar also underwent his first MRI brain scan, followed by prognosis of no more than a 3-month life expectancy because of the extensive brain damage. However, another miracle happened and little Nazar survived again! Unfortunately, he developed hydrocephaly and had another operation, this time on his brain. His third operation was undertaken last year, on his hip bones. This has helped the boy to sit up and stand with support, however he requires ongoing treatment and therapy to progress with his mobility.
Nazar and his family are very persistent in their desire to reach the highest level of functioning possible for Nazar. He already says a few words, he expresses lots of feelings and recognises his family. He exercises every day and has regular massage to help with his condition. Little Nazar needs ongoing quality rehabilitation, which is very expensive in Ukraine. He already had two rounds of rehabilitation (in 2014 and 2015). Both proved to be highly beneficial to his development. Sadly, Nazar’s family have now exhausted their financial means as well as ways to raise funds for his medical expenses. This is where we can all come in and help this long suffering family give their precious boy every chance of walking, talking and playing with other kids, just like all kids were meant to!

How you can help

Our goal is to raise $1,500 (23,178 Ukrainian gryvnas) for Nazar’s upcoming rehabilitation course in September. You can help by donating via the Little Cloud Foundation bank account. Please hurry, as the time is running out fast! Nazar is hoping for your kindness.