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Save Evangeline

Update: 02 June 2015- The fundraising goal for Eva’s medical treatment has been achieved!

Tonight we tallied up our contributions for Evangeline with a total of $6,569.40 raised. The full amount has now been transferred to the hospital account. The required funds have been raised in full by the contributing organisations and individuals allowing Eva to commence her treatment. A big thank you to all who donated to this cause and helped this little girl get on the path to health!

About this project

Little Cloud is raising funds for an urgent bone marrow transplant operation for a little girl Evangeline Dyachenko. Little Eva, who is nearly 6 years, is fighting relapsed leukaemia. Her exact diagnosis is Leukemia, Myeloblastic, М2, AML, II relapse, post auto-HSCT carried out regarding relapse I on 13.10.12. Until now, Eva has been treated in Ukraine but to win her fight against cancer, Eva needs a bone marrow transplantation from an unrelated donor. In Ukraine, such surgeries are impossible due to the absence of an international registry of donors, unavailability of required medications and a lack of high-tech equipment. The military conflict in the East of the country is making things ever more complicated. Bone marrow transplants have long been successfully done in Europe and the US, but the treatment costs are starting from $150,000. It is an impossible sum for the average Ukrainian family. We hope that people are not indifferent. Together, we are a great force that will help Evangeline in her difficult struggle. Even your small financial contribution will give Evangeline the opportunity to live and enjoy life.

How you can help

Eva’s parents need USD $155,000, of which they already have raised about $50,000. This enormous sum ($100,000) needs to be raised in the matter of weeks, while Eva is in remission. The doctors gave the deadline of 2-4 weeks. There is a possibility that she will have another course of aggressive chemotherapy, which would give her additional 28 days to wait for the bone marrow transplant. Only several weeks to save this little girl!

How to transfer money

Account Name: Little Cloud Foundation Inc

BSB: 033017 Account No.: 284143

Reference “For Eva”

Update 28/05/2015

People around the world have contributed over USD 100,000 by now. The family still has a while to go, and time is running out. Please consider donating.