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Urgent Fundraising for Nikol's Bone Marrow Transplant Surgery

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Nikol Yakubchuk
We announce an urgent campaign to save the life of an 8-month old Nikol Yakubchuk, who requires a bone marrow transplant surgery. Just 4 months after her much anticipated birth, the little girl was diagnosed with myeloblastic leukaemia. Nikol had to be urgently hospitalised at Kiev National Specialist Hospital and has been enduring endless medical tests, biopsies, blood transfusion, chemotherapy and large dozes of antibiotics. So far, Nikol has had three courses of intensive chemotherapy. A recurrence of leukaemia has occurred after the second course of chemotherapy, but, following the third course of treatment, the doctors have managed to reach the state of remission.
Nikol is now balancing between life and death. For her to survive, Nikol needs to have a bone marrow transplant while she is in the state of remission. Unfortunately, her older sister was not deemed suitable as a bone marrow donor, so Nikol will need to receive a bone marrow transplant from an unrelated donor. This type of medical procedure is not performed in Ukraine, which is documented by the medical specialists treating Nikol. A clinic in Poland has agreed to admit Nikol for the complex surgery. The cost of this procedure is € 111,771.00, most of which has already been raised by the people supporting the family. Our goal is to help the family raise the remaining €20,246 (approx. 30,000AUD). This is a final leap towards a big dream for Nikol’s family. Let’s make it happen!
To make a donation towards Nicole’s surgery, please click the “Donate” button and enter reference “Nikol”.