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Project Update January 2018

We are excited to announce that the fundraising goal has now been achieved! A special ‘thank you’ to Olga Angelidis, who has organised a Christmas fundraising event with the raised funds donated towards Nikita’s rehabilitation. Our thoughts are with Nikita and his family. We hope to see him running around and playing chasey with a huge smile on his face!


About this project

We are announcing a new fundraising campaign for the rehabilitation of 2-year old Nikita Doljikov from Moscow, Russia. The required amount is 2,500 AUD. Here is Nikita’s story:

Nikita’s birth was much-anticipated but the pregnancy was complicated involving cervical surgery due to a high risk of miscarriage. Despite these difficulties, there was nothing to suggest abnormal fetal development. During the last month of pregnancy, the baby’s wellbeing has suddenly deteriorated (slow heartbeat, low oxygen levels), requiring urgent labor induction. Nikita spent the initial 14 days in the hospital and had to stay in the intensive care unit after developing severe jaundice. When he turned 3 months of age, parents noted that Nikita has not reached many of the developmental milestones like gaining head control, following the objects  with his gaze and turning on to the side. Since then, life has been a constant battle for Nikita’s future wellbeing, with continuous medical consultations, clinical tests, and therapy. At the age of 10 months, Nikita was officially given a disability status. He was diagnosed with Angelman syndrome involving a delay in speech and motor development. Nikita is also suffering from a disorder in movement and muscle control. Furthermore, he was found to have retinal angiopathy and vestibular-atactic syndrome.  In February 2017, Nikita has developed epilepsy marked by atypical absence seizures. Thankfully, it was possible to find medications to keep the seizures under control.

Nikita’s parents are actively searching for various approaches to support the development of their son. Nikita has regular sessions with a speech pathologist and a neuropsychologist. He has remedial swimming and massage and went through a number of therapies targeting motor and speech development.

The intensive therapy had positive results. Nikita learned to crawl, sit unsupported, get up on his feet and even walk with support. In March and September 2017, Nikita had two courses of rehabilitation at the Olinek Clinic in Warsaw, Poland. Subsequently, marked improvement was noted not only in his motor functioning, but also in the area of psychosocial development. The family is now raising funds for the third course of rehabilitation at Olinek Clinic, which has been scheduled for March 2018. The required amount is 2,500 AUD.

You can support this cause by making a donation to the Little Cloud Foundation account with a reference NIKITA.