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Home Extension for the Lozov Family, who are Caring for 10 Adopted Children!

Project Update 19.06.2017

We are very happy to announce that this fundraising project has now been successfully completed. With the great support of one of our volunteers, who has organised a charity seminar, we have raised 455.00 AUD. The Little Cloud Foundation Committee has made a formal decision to cover the remaining amount (7, 001.00 AUD) from the funds that have been previously donated for unspecified causes. We wish the Lozov family lots of happiness in their new cosy home!


About this project

We are announcing our next fundraising project to help the large Lozov family complete the extension of their home in a Russian country town of Kalistovo.

There are very few families like the Lozovs- they are taking care of their three biological children and 10(!!!) adopted children: 6 boys (aged 18, 17, 12, 12, 5, and 1.5 years) and four girls (18, 18, 15 and 15 years). The older adopted children have been a part of the family for the past 13 years. All of the children in the family are multifaceted and the parents provide them with a variety of developmental and learning opportunities to ensure that each child can realize their ultimate potential. Everyone in the family plays a musical instrument and participates in sporting activities. Four boys are taking judo lessons and have won over 180 awards. The boys also do acrobatics at a competition level. The two younger girls attend a local theatrical studio. The oldest daughter has been recognised for her vocal talent. Children frequently perform at various events.

The family lives in a small country town in a building that used to be a primary school (living area 90 km2). They purchased it under a mortgage loan several years ago with the help of the regional administration. Of the three biological children who reside in the home, two have life-long disability (epilepsy).

In February 2016, the Lozov family commenced the construction of a second level in their house since the children are maturing and there is not enough space for kids of both genders within a single level building.

The overall budget estimate for the construction was 2, 682, 000 rubles. Last year, a Russian actress, Dina Korzun, shared the story of this family on a radio program. In response to this, the family has received financial support to complete the major part of the construction project. The remaining stage involves electrical and heating works.

The Little Cloud Foundation has decided to support the family by raising funds towards purchasing required materials specifically for these trades. The cost is 316, 599 rubles or $7, 455 AUD. It is critical to complete the construction before the cooler months, hence the need for the materials is vital (we are aiming for the end of July).

Let’s show our respect for this family, who are caring for so many adopted children, by helping to make their home warm and cozy. You can support the Lozov family by transferring your donation to our PayPal account, referencing “Lozov”.