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Lada Paidem- 3 Week Fundraising Campaign!

Update: May 2016: The fundraising campaign for Lada is over
A big thank you to everyone who has contributed towards the three week campaign to raise funds for Lada’s therapy. We have raised a total sum of A$2,500 which has been forwarded to the clinic where Lada will receive the intensive intervention. Lada’s mother, Elena, has sent us a message of gratitude for giving her beautiful daughter a chance to thrive.
About this project
We are announcing a 3- week fundraising campaign for the treatment of Lada Paidem.

Lada has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy (spastic quadriplegia)- a neurological disorder that restricts her motor development. At 2 ½ years of age, she has very limited mobility and is just learning to crawl. Despite the significant motor delays, Lada is a strong, active and cheerful girl.

The early days have been very difficult for Lada. She experienced asphyxia during birth and suffered from an injured trachea from intubation while being in intensive care.

Parents have been working very hard to ensure that Lada receives the necessary intervention and rehabilitation, supporting her development.  Unfortunately, the intensive therapy requires significant financial resources which the family cannot afford.

Lada’s mother notes that her daughter is making very slow but steady progress. She can already hold her head and has gained strength in her back muscles. Lada can sit independently for a short period of time before losing her balance. Crawling is the next milestone that Lada has begun to master. Without the ongoing support, it would be a huge challenge for Lada to develop these skills.

The neurologist who is monitoring Lada’s development has recommended a course of therapy in China. The clinic in Harbin offers highly intensive daily therapy that has been highly regarded by parents of children with cerebral palsy, who felt that this treatment approach is more effective than many other trialed options.

Lada has been enrolled in a two-month course that will commence on the 1 July 2016. The clinic has provided an invoice for 40,000 Chinese yuan. In addition, the living arrangements for two months cost 8,000 yuan.

The tickets from Kiev to Peking and back have been kindly donated by the International Ukrainian Airlines as part of the humanitarian program. Nevertheless, the required amount exceeds the family’s resources. The entire sum needed to realize this trip is $7,700 USD. To date, the family has received $4,275 USD in donations. Our mission is to help Lada’s family by raising the remaining amount, which is AUD $4,000.

Please join this fundraising mission, giving little Lada a chance to thrive, despite the devastating medical condition.

You can help by donating to the Little Cloud Foundation with a reference “LADA”.