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Kolya Tkachev
Update 21 December 2016 The fundraising goal of AUD 1750.00 to fund the rehabilitation of Kolya Tkachev has been reached! Thank you to everyone for supporting this cause!
Update 8 March 2017 Kolya has returned from the course of rehabilitation in Poland! His mother, Nataly, wrote a beautiful letter describing his progress after accessing the intensive therapy at the Olinek clinic. Kolya has improved the hand and body coordination and enjoys clapping his hands and wriggling his feet while sitting down. He is beginning to crawl and is making his first steps with support. Kolya became much calmer and learned to laugh out loud! The family is absolutely delighted with the results and thank the Little Cloud Foundation for helping Kolya access these much-needed services!
About this Project
Kolya Tkachev is a 4-year-old boy from Kharkov, Ukraine. As shared by his mother, Nataly, Kolya was born with a rare genetic syndrome involving developmental abnormalities of the central nervous system, orthopedic and urological problems, severe muscle spasticity, very limited hand movement and convulsions. He had two surgeries to correct cryptorchidism and polydactyly. Since 1 year of age, Kolya has been receiving ongoing early intervention through various centers. In April 2016, he was very lucky to get into the Polish Rehabilitation Clinic “Olinek” for a course of intensive rehabilitation. In the two weeks of therapy, Kolya learned to sit independently, stand with support and started using his hands! Parents could not have imagined such remarkable improvement in Kolya’s functioning! Considering the amazing difference that the short course of rehabilitation has made to the life of Kolya, his parents are determined for Kolya to continue accessing these services, at least until he can walk independently. The family is spending a lot of money to support Kolya’s medical needs, and, with only the father working, they do not have the capacity to afford these services without our help. Our goal is to raise $1750.00 for Kolya’s rehabilitation at the Polish Clinic “Olinek”.